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Women's Intellectual Contributions Sketch

       Books mentioning Kellor

Fitzpatrick's 'Endless Crusade' gets Kellor wrong, but covers her

Recchuiti's 'Civic Engagement' considers Kellor as a social scientist

Carlson's "The Americanization Syndrome" slams Kellor

Highams 1954 "Strangers in the Land" argues the War turns Kellor bad

Davis' 1967 "Spearhead for reform" gives the service about 5 pages

Milkis' "Transformation of American Democracy" barely notices Kellor

Hicks' Talk With You Like a Woman contains 1/2 chapter on Kellor's work with African American New Yorkers

Kellor's heavy presence in this textbook chapter provides a place to honor SB48 by mentioning her LGBT status