Gender Lesson # 1
Enduring Questions

           - CHAPTER TEN - Forced Activism

 1) Does Jane Addams’ pacifist stance or Frances Kellor’s pro-War preparations stance seem more or less feminine?  What would contemporaries think?  Is gender irrelevant herein? 


2) In the progressive era what would immigrants have thought of Kellor's clothes? Would they have worked in a settlement house?  What might have been the reactions from the general public?


Have the students draw two lines down the center of a piece of paper.  On the left side put "Frances Kellor" in the middle put "Lillian Wald" and on the right side put "categories."

In the Categories put as many ways as you can think to describe a person.  For example, "clothes," "Activism activities," "ethnic background." "Marital status" "war stance." "upbringing" "perception by immigrants," or "impact."  

Individually, as you read, please fill in the differences and similarities you see.  If you see any different categories, add them.  

Discuss similarities and and differences with your partners.  Is there a theme in their differences?  Founding Mothers seems to indicate that gender orientations (feminine versus masculine) approaches explain the differences.  Do you agree?  Could something else explain the differences?  

What can you say definitively?  What can you only speculate about?  What sort of further evidence would you need to be certain? 

When you are done, write the outlines of four or five conclusions and questions.  Pu them on poster paper and prepare to discuss them with the class.  When all the groups have gone, take some votes. Do people agree about the distinctions?  Do people agree about the explanations?

The next class a one page paper about the differences between Frances Kellor and Lillian Wald.