Reform Lesson Plan:

Essential Learnings:

- CHAPTER THREE - Southern Female African-American Prisoners and White Women 

4) What did Kellorís sociological snapshots of the womenís histories and the inclusion of their voice reveal about them?   What does Kellorís including these details tell you about her values?

- CHAPTER FIFTEEN - Kellor Takes Off

7) What techniques for reform did Kellor use most effectively?  What were the most common tactics taken in the progressive era?  Who else used them?


Distribute "The Tools of Her Trade" from pages 304 to 308 in Founding Mother.  You can make it into a hand out.  

Each person takes two primary source documents from this website or elsewhere.  Then they must identify which reform technique they see being used in the article.  

Each person is going to become a sales person for this type of reform.  On a piece of laser paper, they will create a slick advertisement for this type of reform.   It will highlight the benefits of the reform type and why it is better than those other terrible, old, ineffective and horrible types.  

At the end, each person will go up to the front house door of someone who already has another kind of reform.  They will try  to sell their type of reform to them. This will all be done in southern accents, for the fun of it!!

Turn in the reform posters, give students class participation points, and hand the posters up.